How Artificial intelligence is Changing Technology

Have you ever sat back, took a deep breath, and looked around? Well, if you have done this recently it won’t be hard to come to the conclusion that we are living in the future. Yes, it is happening right now, right before our very eyes. Our lives are consumed with technology. This technology is improving and growing at an unprecedented speed. In fact, the more that a given technology improves, the quicker that said rate of improvement becomes. This is utterly mind-blowing. One is left asking; where does all this led to? Where is the end? Is there an end? Or is the growth exponential? And if a technology can keep on getting better and better, well then where do us humans come into the picture? What happens when the technology becomes smarter than us? Do we become redundant? These are very valid questions and there are no technological advancements that has caused them to stir more than that of artificial intelligence. This article is here to discuss some benefits of artificial intelligence and some downfalls that it has.

Downfalls: Industry is Uprooted

To begin, the technology that has been impacted by AI has become a sort of super-technology. What I mean by this is that it has reached a level of efficiency and dependency never thought possible. Machines have always threatened humans by replacing them in the workplace. This has never been so true. Industries such as the transport industry are experiencing this first-0hand. The automation of motor vehicles threatens to strip truck drivers, delivery drivers and taxi drivers of their jobs. This is a serious issue that is worth considerable debate.

Leading the Way Forward

Of course, the thought of AI taking over the world is scary. However, it does not need to be this way. The technology that has been impacted by AI has the potential to change the world. It is the answer for how we go to the next level. The level of automation that is now available means that we as humans can focus our time and attention elsewhere for our benefit and the benefit of others. Think of PLC automation. In the past, a controller would have to be manually operated, not anymore. Simply input the data and sit back. We must learn to work alongside AI.

There are many benefits and concerns that arise when discussing artificial intelligence. Above we have listed a few, but there are many more to mention. Only time will tell how the adoption of artificial intelligence plays out.

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