Tips to score 80% marks in class 9 english

The English language is part of the school curriculum from the beginning, but many students are afraid of it. The truth is that if you prepare for English appropriately and fearlessly, you can easily score 80 percent marks. This article will assist students who want to know how to get 80 percent on the CBSE board English exam.

If you find English to be a difficult or easy subject, you are on the wrong track. If you find English difficult, you will spend less time preparing for it, and if you find it easy, you will also spend less time preparing for it. 

When you know that your English score will affect your overall score, it is foolish to ignore English preparation.

So, let’s look at how to get a score of 80 percent or higher on the  English Exam class 9.

Read the following tips to improve your English and score well in this subject. All of the tips listed below will help you prepare for English for the exams, so put them to use.

Section on Writing

The letter, application, and essay formats are checked in the CBSE Board exam writing section. These questions are usually worth ten points, so they are significant. The most important and perplexing aspect of the writing section is the format. To prepare for the writing section, practice writing the formal and informal letter and essay formats in a register. These formats should be based on your teacher’s instructions, not a refresher. Practice writing letters on various topics while keeping the format in mind. When writing letters, don’t mug up the subject and write whatever comes to mind. It’s a good idea to stick to the word limit.


English is an important subject as well as a language. It is just a subject for you in 10th and 12th grades, but once you start your graduation, it will be the only language you will be able to study most of the subjects in. As a result, you must be proficient in it. The key to mastering any language is its grammar, and believe me when I say that English grammar is easier than any other language’s grammar. To understand the grammar, you must concentrate and consult the best books. The tense is the foundation of English grammar, so work hard to strengthen it.

The Literature Section

Read the lesson and poem carefully if you want to ace English literature. The literature section of English is very interesting, and you will enjoy it once you start reading. Do not memorize question-and-answer summaries or summaries of English literature lessons. The best way to do well in the literature section is to read and comprehend the chapter. Then, without any assistance, try to figure out the answers to the questions. Grammar knowledge will help you with this.

Consider English

Many people believe that simply speaking English will improve your skills, but the truth is that you will not be able to write or speak confidently in English until you incorporate it into your thought process. While studying for the English literature section, you can practice thinking in English. Read the part and paraphrase it in your words. While doing so, continue to rewind what you’ve read in the chapter. Remember that to become fluent in English, you must think in English.

General tips for scoring 80% in English class 9

Important quotations: To help you remember important quotes from poems, plays, and stories, write them down. Use sticky notes to make it easier to find them in your study area and revise them before the exam.

Poets and authors’ names: To get better marks on the English paper, remember who wrote which piece and use it in your answers.

The entire curriculum: There are literature books available for Class 9. In addition to the chapters in these books, students should review the comprehension and writing passages.

Pay attention to details: The exams include unseen passages worth 10 points each, so being attentive while reading the passages rather than jumping to the answers will make it easier to get the answers. The comprehension section is the easiest to score if one manages to read the texts attentively.

Mock exams: Download sample question papers and complete them in 3 hours for self-assessment and better time management. Previous year’s question papers should be practiced to get an idea of possible questions. This will also boost your self-esteem.

Use guide books rarely: NCERT Books Class 9 English should suffice for preparing for the Class 9 English exam. Guide books frequently miss the essence of the literature piece. Students who rely solely on guides will be unaware of intricate details. Rather, use practice guides to go over additional questions from each chapter.

Revision: Don’t rely on one-time reading; it’s critical to go over the texts again right before the exam.

Consult with teachers (both online and in-person): Students should consult their teachers whenever they have difficulty understanding a poem or a grammatical rule. If the schoolteacher is unable to clear up the confusion, YouTube has a plethora of explainers and teachers who simplify chapters.


If you want to get an 80 percent in Class 9, you’ll need more than just a study plan. You’ll need a good one. If you’ve just started ninth grade, you have plenty of time to plan your annual study hours. Even if your exams are only a few months away, don’t worry; you have enough time to improve and create a study plan that will put you on track to score an 80 percent in Class 9. Your study plan must have a daily impact on your after-school schedule. This means that your study schedule should include all important subjects for self-study.

The subjects in which you are weak should be given a significant amount of time, while you continue to improve on the subjects in which you are strong. Because you want to score 80 percent in Class 9, your study plan should include scheduled hours for each section.

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