Smart methods to prepare for class 9 exams

Class 9th is an important junction in any student’s education, as it lays down the basic foundation for higher classes, class 10th, 11th and 12th. Many students take class 9th easy and don’t focus on preparing well for it thinking that it’s not a board exam or one that is really important. However, as they progress to higher classes, they realize how important the topics of class 9th are. Hence, instead of regretting later on, it’s better to wake up now and prepare class 9th in the best possible manner and set yourself up for great success in higher classes where stakes are higher.

Every student wants to score high marks in exams however not everybody is able to achieve it. No matter how you have performed in previous classes, all that matters is how you are able to perform in the class in which you are in i.e., class 9th.

Here are some methods and tips which will help you in preparing for class 9th exams –

  •       Make a timetable keeping the deadline in mind –

First and foremost, make a precise timetable to study the complete syllabus with a deadline, so that you have a direction and plan which you can follow and complete the syllabus for class 9th syllabus. Preparing a timetable ensures that equal time is divided between all the subjects including Maths, Science, Social science, Languages so that all subjects are prepared with the same intensity and fervour.   

  •       Refer to NCERT as a primary textbook –

When it comes to exams, NCERT books are always the most important study material because the syllabus of the exams consists of all the chapters in NCERT books and the questions asked in the exams are from NCERT books only. Hence, preparing thoroughly from NCERT, marking important points along the way is a great way of prep. While preparing, if you are not able to solve a question you can also get RS Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions Chapter-1.

  •       Stay away from distractions –

While studying, an important thing is to be fully focused and concentrated on the job at hand and not get distracted by anything else. When you sit down to study, remember to keep your mobile phones and laptops or any other gadget or thing that distracts you, away from your reach so that you are able to give your maximum concentration on studies.

  •       Be punctual and true to your timetable –

Whatever is scheduled for the day, make sure to complete it on that day itself and not to procrastinate. Discipline is an important attribute that is necessary if you are to prepare for class 9th exams. Whenever you find yourself making any excuses, remind yourself of the importance of consistency and punctuality in preparing for exams. Remain true to your timetable and by staying punctual, you will be able to get a lot done in terms of studies.

  •       Don’t ignore any subject –

Many students tend to ignore languages – English, Hindi – and remove it from their timetable as they think of preparing for these subjects a few days before the exam. However, it’s important to focus equally on each subject because the final result is made using marks of all the subjects.

  •       Do group study with your friends if possible –

Studying daily by yourself might get boring and you might find yourself finding reasons not to study on a given day, only a few weeks after following your timetable. Therefore, if possible, doing group study is a great way to prepare which removes the element of boredom as you always have your friends with you. You can ask each other any doubts that you encounter while studying and also explain some topics to each other which can keep studying interesting.

  •       If comfortable, learn by writing instead of reading –

It is proven that we are able to learn and retain more when we learn by writing instead of learning by reading, hence if you are comfortable doing so, it would be really beneficial for you. Writing helps one remember the important points and also improves their grammar, spelling, and handwriting. It is highly recommended to make notes of key points while studying so that you can study by writing and can also make notes at the same time, which would really help you when you want to revise before exams.

  •       Take time out for yourself –

While studying is important, so is taking breaks at regular intervals and taking time out for yourself so that you are able to freshen up and not get mentally exhausted. Some students study for a long period of time without any break but are not able to focus for the whole time and thus as a result are not able to retain all the important points. So, it is better to take short breaks while studying so that you can focus again when the break ends.

  •       Revise without fail –

Revision is a really important aspect of preparation for exams as it helps in reinforcing the topics and concepts that you had learnt a long time ago. When you revise the old topics regularly, you are able to keep them fresh in your memory thus making it easier for you to retrieve important points when answering questions related to that topic. Keeping notes of all the chapters that you study also helps a lot when it comes to revision as you are able to revise all the key points at a single place without having to go through the entire chapter again to revise.

  •       Complete the syllabus one month before exam –

It is suggested that you complete the entire class 9th syllabus one month before the exams so that it leaves you ample time for revision and ironing out the mistakes that you make on a regular basis. It also gives you the opportunity to identify the subjects and areas where you are weak and work on them until they become your strength.

  •       Solve sample papers –

Lastly, it is imperative to solve sample papers and last years’ question papers, that you can take from your seniors or from the internet so that you are able to get the practice of attempting a paper in the given timeframe. It will improve your time management such that you are able to complete the paper in time. Analysis of the paper that you give also helps you in working on weak areas in which you are suffering so that you can get better at them before exams come.


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