Cloud Solutions: The Key to Smooth Business Processes

The majority of businesses are currently enjoying the many benefits of cloud-based systems, and for good reason, as having a secure online network ensures smooth operation and complete security. Cloud based solutions involve creating a private secure network that is solely used by your company, and with full permissions, you control who can access what. The accounting department has access to all relevant files, while the sales team can access up to date customer data from any location, plus they can update and share information, keeping everyone on the same page.

Business Communication

The forward-thinking business owner uses VoIP technology that provides clear communication, both audio and video, allowing you to have virtual meetings. Simply put, your secure network can be used for voice and video calls, which allows you to communicate with key personnel, and your managers can use this to keep in contact with their key staff. This will save you a lot of money, and you will no longer be reliant on the major telecommunication corporations, who love to hike their prices, plus you have real-time communication across the board.

Network Design

When you talk to a provider of managed IT services in Melbourne, they would design the network specifically for your organisation, and would also provide round the clock cyber-security, which is obviously essential. All devices would be compatible with the network, and if you already have a network administrator, some training will enable them to manage the network, otherwise the service provider has you covered.

Network Maintenance

When you enlist the help of a managed IT service provider, they take care of everything, allowing you to run your business, and with all key staff having access to relevant data, your business processes are streamlined. Workstation computers and peripherals also need to be maintained, which is yet another area the service provider can handle.

Managed by Industry Professionals

When a network is created for your organisation, the provider assumes responsibility for the network, security and maintenance, and the system is monitored from the providers, central network control room. This single provider solution is all you need regarding IT, and they are always happy to provide alternative services, should you be in need, plus they like to offer IT advice.

If you are not yet reaping the many rewards of a cloud-based network, talk to a firm that offers managed IT services and transform your business.

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