What Is The Role Of An Entertainment Payroll Company?

A producer of a film and TV production can often feel the job to be a hectic one. There are too many reasons why modern producers are preferring to work with a payroll company. Whether it is covering the film production insurance policy or navigating child actor laws, an entertainment payroll corporation is responsible for all of them. There are several state and federal laws that the producers should keep in mind. Complying with all those rules and paying hundreds of people on time, is not an easy task. This is why it is always better to find a reliable payroll company and make the entire process seamless.

What is their role?

A trusted and reliable entertainment payroll company can provide all the below-mentioned services-

  1. Provide worker’s compensation: While shooting, any worker can get injured. This is why worker’s compensation is a must in case of any injury on the set. It is essential for any production house to face potential lawsuits.
  2. Onboards cast and crew: While hiring any new member, there is a lot of paperwork and information. A payroll company ensures that proper information is collected accompanied by the unions and there is no doubt. They will organize and store all the documents online so that the complete process is organized and easily accessible.
  3. Protect the workers: The entertainment payroll corporation not only handles tax forms but also provides protection to the workers. Workers’ compensation is important for wage replacement and medical benefits. Different states have different rules which the production house should follow.
  4. Secure the contacts: Every production has a trusted crew which is like a family. Every time a production company has a new crew, there are too many workshops to do. There are certain digital payroll service providers who keep track of all the contact information, keep them secure in software. Choosing the right payroll service provider is the main trick here.
  5. Cost-effective: Those who think that hiring a payroll service will be extremely costly, are wrong. Covering all the unemployment insurance, taxes, and other essential facts requires quite a good budget stretch.  The new solution is affordable and there is certain software that enables the easy and efficient way. So it’s time to digitalize the entire payroll process and dedicate more time and attention to the production activities, casts, and crew.


The entertainment payroll corporation and other third-party payroll services take care of all the entertainment labor laws. Their main objective is to meet all the needs of the production company. Accuracy and timeliness are two of the most vital qualities of a reliable payroll company. They can synchronize all the data from a production office and make sure that their clients are happy. Any production house can hire a payroll company that can keep the production compliance towards union agreement and wage laws. Small or big, there are different plans for all types of business.

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